A Legendary place for a special event

The Hotel IMPERATOR is a legendary setting for business or family gatherings: the majestic gardens, Art Deco decor, meeting rooms and salons of varying sizes and a fine dining experience that’s flexible (cocktails for up to 1000 people).

Business events and business seminars

The IMPERATOR hosts meetings, seminars, auctions, breakfasts, cocktail parties, conferences, debates, training events etc.

Historically, major brands like Chanel, Guerlain, Avene, Lancome have chosen the IMPERATOR for their high level training events.

This legendary hotel with Art Deco decor is also popular for product launches, fashion shows, wine tastings ...

It is the delight of the business community and event agencies, particularly for prestigious receptions held during the Feria.

Family events and social gatherings

The Imperator is known for its legendary couples and famous friendships: Ava Gardner and Luis Miguel Dominguin, Frédérique Hébrard and Louis Velle. Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau, Antonio Ordonez and Ernest Hemingway ...

It is a place of joyful emotions and authenticity. It’s a great place for weddings, friends reunions and family gatherings.

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