Auditorium and Reception Rooms

The hotel IMPERATOR has meeting rooms and salons of various sizes to accommodate 5 to120 people.

Some rooms and salons can be adjusted according to modules and set up in U shapes, as a theatre, a classroom, in a semi-circle or as a cocktail lounge. These spaces can be fitted upon request with wall screens, flipcharts or video projectors.

The hiring of these rooms is accompanied with dining options to suit the occasion: breakfast, lunch, dinner or cocktails (for up to 1000 people). The IMPERATOR serves sophisticated cuisine.

The hotel boasts an auditorium with 51 seats particularly appreciated for the total visibility of speakers and excellent acoustics.

Salon Salon Salon Salon Salon

Salon Salon

A seminar venue conducive to creativity

The club Impé, adjoining the Hotel Imperator is conducive to creativity. It is an ideal place to organize study days, reflection and open exchange.

Participants can assemble in a large warm room with a golden ceiling and parquet floor, under the natural light of its beautiful glass roof.

Small group sessions can be arranged in the various rooms that this magical place contains. Wood furnishings, mosaic floors, mouldings, fireplaces, large mirrors are conducive to creativity and imagination. You feel at home here, as if you were in the mansion of your dreams.

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