The Imperator, the Torero’s Hotel

The greatest of the brightly coloured cloaks have lit up the Imperator of yesteryear and still do so today. Throughout the years of Feria the hotel has gained its renown as the Torero’s hotel. It’s a place of relaxation and reflection before the Corrida, and a place to gather after the Corrida.

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Bullfighting Legends

Luis Miguel Dominguín stayed at the IMPERATOR from the very first Feria de Nimes in 1952 whent this famous Spanish bullfighter was at the height of his fame. Soon afterwards, he encountered another of the Imperator’s legends - Ava Gardner, who ‘The Snows of Kilimanjaro’ had propelled to Hollywood stardom.

Luis Miguel Dominguín was also in competition with his brother in law Antonio Ordóñez. Their rivalry was immortalised in the writings of Ernest Hemingway in summer dangerous. Antonio Ordóñez, whose aesthetic made him one of the greatest bullfighters of the twentieth century, fell in love with the IMPERATOR. As a friend of Jaime Pablo Romero, he presided over the 100th anniversary of the ganaderia Pablo Romero in France, in 1994.

The Maestro Manuel Benítez Pérez, aka El Cordobes said, has stayed at the IMPERATOR on the occasion of each of his appearances at Nimes Arena. This orphan and illiterate vagabond was the embodiment of the matador myth in the 1960s. First Espontáneo (1) then becoming maestro (2), his spectacular style made a mark on bullfighting. With a great sense of humour he likes to tell how much he loved stretching and warming up in the corridors of the Hotel IMPERATOR.

Manzanares, "the silk Torero" performed in Nimes on several occasions. It also has one of the figures (Headliners) welcomed the IMPERATOR.

The famous Toreros of the present and the future

El Juli, Sébastien Castella, Javier Condé, Enrique Ponce, Juan Bautista, Juan José Padilla are but a few of the big names who regularly stay at the Imperator.

Stars of today and legends of tomorrow, they continue to write the history of bullfighting into the genes of this legendary place.

The IMPERATOR also hosts rejoneadores (bullfighters on horseback): the Spaniard Mendosa who performed189 bullfights in Nimes arena and Marie Sara, Queen of bullfighting, whose apodo (pseudonym) pays homage to the Black Virgin of Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer.

The Mundillo at the IMPERATOR

In the salons and gardens of the IMPERATOR, you’ll often find the top people of mundillo (the bullfighting world): ganaderos (breeders), apoderados (bullfighters’ agents), Emprese (Corrida organisers) and aficionados.

The revisteros of the local media broadcast live from the IMPERATOR’s gardens after each Corrida.

(1) an ordinary person who enters the ring to face the bull (2) matador who has taken the alternative (the ceremony during which a matador becomes a novillero)

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