Art and bullfighting in the IMPERATOR in Nimes

Bullfighting has always fostered close ties with painting, photography and literature. This art, which is as revered as it is disputed, has been registered since January 2011 in the intangible cultural heritage of France. The IMPERATOR participates actively in the promotion of bullfighting and highlighting artists .

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The literary toreros

Some people wield the pen with as much style as others wield the muleta Amongst these literary toreros are Ernest Hemingway and Jean Cocteau . These two literary giants have stayed at the IMPERATOR, attended many Corridas in the Roman amphitheater and enjoyed the long festive nights in the gardens of the Imperator. What images of IMPERATOR slipped into their work? In which lines have their moments in Nîmes found immortality?

Painting and bullfighting

From 1890, Picasso painted works of bullfighting. As an Aficionado of bullfighting and women, he stayed at the IMPERATOR during a feria. The following year, he contacted the hotel to book his room. The story goes that the receptionist told him the Imperator was fully booked. So Picasso ended up staying at the Hotel du Cheval Blanc, but came regularly for a drink in the gardens’ marvellous light.

More recently, 130 artists including Viallat Bioulès and Chambas worked on the theme of bullfighting. At the end of 2010, their works were exhibited in the Imperator’s rooms. After their inauguration at the hotel IMPERATOR, the Toreador exhibition was put on in Arles in April 2011. It then moved on to Paris and Madrid in the autumn.

Film and bullfighting

The world of Film has always been present at the Imperator. In the 1950s, the hotel was graced with the beauty of Ava Gardner. For several years, Philippe Noiret was amongst the loyal visitors to the hotel. Even today, many stars of small and big screen frequent the IMPERATOR: Gerard Jugnot, Thierry Lhermitte etc.

Throughout the year, great art events and fine cultural events take place to the rhythm of the seasons.

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(1) Ernest Hemingway: Death in the afternoon, dangerous summer (2) Jean Cocteau: The May 1st Corrida

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