The Feria: A prestigious publicity event

The IMPERATOR hosts toreros, fans, celebrities and nightlife. This popular event also brings together politicians, media and business leaders. The economic world promotes its brands and values at these events. The Feria is thus a unique opportunity for gaining the fidelity of customers and employees and forging important relationships.

The Imperator’s Marquees (Casetas)

The IMPERATOR’s Casetas or marquees are inspired by the Feria of Seville, where over a thousand stalls stand in the Campo Ferial. In these private places, you can receive people, invite customers and make friends.

Businesses can make use of the feria’s friendly image and the prestige of the Imperator to create a special event. They can associate their image with the event’s sentiments of freedom, music and dance.

The Casetas are private bodegas within the festival itself. They are unique places to:

  • Greet customers
  • Forge valuable links with trading, financial and institutional partners
  • Motivate “cuadrillas” company employees

The IMPERATOR offers casteas with names of famous toreros. They can accommodate from 10 to 350 people.

A unique event tailored to your requirements

The IMPERATOR team puts its expertise at the service of its customers. At their request, transport, housing and Corrida seats are all taken care of by the IMPERATOR and the Receptive Nim'pro agency.

The IMPERATOR stages activities to bring the receptions held in the casetas to life. Wine tasting, private exhibitions, fashion, a Toreo salon etc. As a space for creativity the activities are customized and tailored to required aims and needs of one’s clientele.

Businesses benefit from all the activities organised during the Feria at the IMPERATOR: Sevillanas and flamenco dancers, opera singers, DJs, exhibitions etc.

The Feria - VIP version

The IMPERATOR allows companies to benefit from a particular service with the Friends of the Imperator VIP Card. Reserved access without waiting time through puerta 1 is given. Drinks and beverages are available in all simplicity, without credit cards. Accounts are facilitated with an itemised bill sent to the company after the Feria.

Another option favours conviviality and ease of organisation: the pre-purchase of bottles of champagne or wine. The pleasure of Champagne for tasting or offering. A Pleasure that is available without having to wait.

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