The IMPERATOR in the heart of the Feria de Nîmes

The first Feria took place in Nimes in 1952 when Luis Miguel Dominguin and Rafael Ortega stayed at the Imperator. From then on, the Feria and the IMPERATOR’s renown started to resonate far beyond the hills of Nimes. Famous toreros and great artists stay at the hotel during this period. The people of Nimes gather in the gardens and the nights come alive.

The Feria at the IMPERATOR: a cross between a festival and a ritual

During the Ferias of Nîmes, the IMPERATOR is abuzz with Spanish airs of tapas, salsa, gypsy guitarists, dancers and equestrian shows whilst introductions to toréo de salon set the tempo. Exhibitions punctuate the festivities (Feria of Pentecost and the Wine harvest Feria).

Businesses hold prestigious receptions in the stalls.

The 'capilla' chapel where the torero finds sanctity before entering the arena, can be visited from 1pm to 9pm. After each bullfight, 'revisteros' from France Bleu and Southern TV transmit their live commentaries from the hotel gardens.

At 11pm, the IMPERATOR pays tribute to the courage of the torero. A retrospective of legendary bullfighters is broadcast on large screens. A baritone sings the Toreador from Carmen. Then a tenor performs "Olé torero" by Luis Mariano and the night begins...

Here and there, you meet an artist, actor or presenter. The celebrities mingle with the crowd, sharing their joy and passion for the Feria. Celebrities, aficionados, the people of Nîmes and Turistas unite in a single outpouring of celebration. It’s a time to chat, appreciate the great wines, sing, dance and have fun.

The Third Tercio and the Forbidden: the young peoples’ bodega

First is the corrida, then comes the merrymaking in the Imperator gardens. Later in the night, it's the forbidden hour, a private bodega where young people meet. The decibels mount and the antics verge on the forbidden.

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