The Pentecost Feria in Nimes

The Pentecost weekend is marked every year on the calendar of aficionados: in 2011, it runs from Thursday 5th to Monday 9th June .

This year, the Pentecost Feria presents eight corridas, a rejon corrida (bullfighting on horseback) and a novillada (young bulls and bullfighters).

See the 2011 programme of bullfights in Nîmes

The Pentecost Feria is one of Europe’s great bull temporada (bullfighting season). Nimes hosts the greatest bullfighters, and novilleros rejoneadores (bullfighters on horseback) at the top of the escalafón (annual ranking of bullfighters). Many of these famous bullfighters stay at the IMPERATOR.

El Juli, Mendoza, El Cid, Alejandro Talavante, Enrique Ponce, Daniel Luque, José Antonio Morante, Sebastien Castella, Miguel Angel Perera, Manzanares and many other figuras (headliners) will be present in Nimes in June 2011.

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The Pentecost Feria at the IMPERATOR

The atmosphere of the Feria at the IMPERATOR pervades the gardens from the corrida in the morning until the bullfighter’s ritual in the middle of the night. The casetas host private receptions. VIP benefits are offered to individuals and businesses. From 11pm, the Forbidden opens its doors.

The Hasta luego stable will feature equestrian events in the gardens of the Imperator on Thursday 2nd June to Monday 6th June, with the exception of Wednesday 3rd June. On that day, the stable’s presentation will take place on the seafront opposite the Hotel Martinez - Hôtels & Préférence, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Show Jumping in Cannes.

The famous Souleiado brand founded in 1939 and whose name means 'ensoleillade' in Provençal (when the sun breaks through the clouds after the rain) will be on sale in the Hotel IMPERATOR. A temporary boutique will present the traditional rich and colourful Souleiado collections.

Nimes: the corrida at the feria

The arenas are the heart of the tradition but other events continue throughout these holidays:

  • the Pégoulade, a parade of floats and bandas music through the town on Thursday
  • the running of the bulls
  • concerts and balls
See the programme for the Pentecost feria in Nimes

The little sister of the Feria of Pentecost is held in September in Nimes. This is the Wine Harvest Feria.

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