A lover of fine gastronomy, and wine, Christophe Chalvidal is the new manager of the Imperator. For him, "luxury is a state of mind." The subtlety of the smallest detail, the true meaning of hospitality: nothing escapes him.

Salon Salon

Luxury hotels: an early vocation

Christophe Chalvidal is a born and bred local of the Gard region, his parents are from here and his 7 year old daughter was born here.
As a child he used to listen to his grandfather performing as a saxophonist in a peña. He would follow his father into the arena and stop in front of the Imperator. This place where all the maestros came to stay fascinated him. He loved to admire them in their glittering costumes.
At the foot of the stairs, he would glance over the menu, especially the desserts. He was only 6 years old but he already knew that one day he would become a pastry chef!

A starred career in luxury hotels

Christophe Chalvidal learnt his trade at the Hotel School of Thonon-les-Bains and applied for a position in the IMPERATOR and Martinez. Two attempts, two refusals.
He then flew to London and joined the Roux brothers, two chefs who brought French cuisine to Britain. He then rose to take the position of restaurant manager at Gordon Ramsay’s establishment working alongside the ‘big boss’ notorious for his demanding nature.

Hotel Imperator - a palace

For 10 years, Christopher Chalvidal deepened his understanding of excellence in these "Three-star Michelins.” He then returned to France and joined the two institutions he had previously "flunked."
First, at the Martinez in Cannes as restaurant director (2 Michelin stars), he worked alongside the precise and generous Christian Willer. Then at the IMPERATOR where, since March 2011, he has been promoting a new style of management. Gastronomy has made a return. Its projects are now flourishing. For him, the Imperator isn’t a hotel, “it’s a palace".

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