A break that combines romanticism and a leisurely lifestyle

Lay back and dream in the IMPERATOR’s gardens or enjoy a relaxing treatment in the privacy of your bedroom. Taking a stroll in the jardins de la Fontaine located opposite to the hotel or easing into the Provencal lifestyle are ways to enjoy timeless moments free from the hustle and bustle. Enjoy spending moments alone or sharing them with someone special.

Enjoy a relaxing stay
Discovering Provence
Stroll in the streets of Nimes

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Salon Salon Salon Salon Salon

Set off for an uncommon weekend

The hotel IMPERATOR is a unique place. It’s unusual due to its history, context, and location. It’s uncommon in terms of the activities it proposes in the hotel itself and in the nearby area.

Participate in its various events that punctuate the life of the hotel and its visitors, enjoy the torero events and the impressive féria which are all special, unforgettable moments.

In the surrounding area, new horizons are open to visitors in search of uncommon delights: flying over the Pont du Gard in Ulm, the Camargue in a helicopter or taking a fighter aircraft to the Naval air base at Garons.

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