The Hotel IMPERATOR is a luxury hotel in the Gard département (Languedoc Roussillon) situated in the heart of Nîmes:

Quai de la Fontaine
15 r Gaston Boissier
30900 Nîmes (Gard)


Tel. +33 (0)4 66 21 90 30 Fax +33 (0)4 66 67 70 25

For access to the Hotel IMPERATOR in the Gard, click here. The Hotel IMPERATOR is the only ‘Hôtels & Préférence’ affiliated hotel in Nîmes. A historic hotel, for the past 80 years the IMPERATOR has hosted great events in Nîmes and the Languedoc Roussillon region.

The IMPERATOR is a legendary hotel and an important venue for the Nîmes Feria. During the Pentecost Feria and the Wine Harvest Feria, it hosts legendary toreros and helps promote taurine art.

The Hotel IMPERATOR is a hotel of a high standing where relaxation and and new discoveries are prioritised.

The Hotel IMPERATOR includes:
* 60 rooms
* a gastronomic restaurant
* the Hemingway Bar
* sumptuous gardens
* rooms and salons for seminars, weddings and family occasions

Hotel IMPERATOR****: Legal Information

The Hotel IMPERATOR is under the direction of Christophe Chalvidal.
IMPERATOR SA - Siret 600 200 174 0001 6 - is a subsidiary of Almendricos, under the direction of Serge Sanchez, whose trade name is "Les hôtels de Nîmes.”
The photos on this site are the exclusive property of the Hotel IMPERATOR.
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