Gastronomic Restaurant Provence

The IMPERATOR’s gastronomic restaurant in Nîmes bathes in the Mediterranean light. All along the year, round tables are set out under the roof of the large conservatory with a spaciousness that opens out onto the gardens.

From the first buds of spring to autumn colours the restaurant offers to its customers the possibility of taking one’s lunch and dinner on the terrace. Provence itself perfumes the whole atmosphere with its combinations of tastes and aromas. The huge ginkgo biloba shelters the place in its benevolent shade.

On summer evenings, tiny lights are aglow here and there. The romantic restaurant serves dinners by candle light.

Nîmes’ Gastronomic Restaurant and Gourmet travellers

The IMPERATOR’s restaurant has a refined cuisine that marries tradition and creativity. Menus evolve with the changing seasons and according to the whims of the markets. The IMPERATOR’s restaurant in Nîmes is a renowned establishment and is one of the best gourmet stops in Provence with a faithful local clientele.

Special details and great occasions

Whether you’re taking a business lunch or private dinners they take place in complete serenity indoors and outdoors. The tables are spacious and service is discreet.

During banquets, the hotel’s conservatory opens into a huge room: “la salle bleue” which accommodates up to 100 places.

Diners in this Hotel restaurant in Nîmes, enjoy their dishes surrounded by superb works of art. The restaurant’s various rooms are perfect spaces for art events.

The restaurant is closed Mondays, Saturday lunchtimes and Sunday evenings.

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