Journey to the land of Fine Wine

Choosing a wine at the IMPERATOR is akin to travelling through the most beautiful landscapes of France.

Wine tasting at IMPERATOR is about savouring a grand cru (fine wine), enjoying a vintage or discovering an organic wine. Wine lovers can delight in intense colours, or amber tints. Sample subtle or more racy ‘nose’ of a wine. Enjoy the aftertaste and balance of fine, subtle and elaborate wines.

The wine list is designed in collaboration with Caves 41. It includes selected labels which are some of the best in French wines: Petrus, Chateau Yquem ... From the Costières de Nîmes to the Coteaux du Languedoc, or the Côtes du Roussillon to the Terrasses du Larzac, gourmet enthusiasts will be surprised by the quality of these regional wines.

Download our wine list.

The IMPERATOR gives advice to its customers for selecting the best gourmet matches (see menus.)

Celebrations of a special occasion or a contract bring the best champagnes to the table: Ruinart, Dom Perignon, Mumm ...

In the summer, the IMPERATOR has a wine tasting area in the gardens.

Throughout the year, fine wine events bring gourmet enthusiasts and neophytes together to experience great gastronomic pleasures.

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